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Raghav Industries Limited, established in 1987 in Coimbatore, South India is a Company that creates, produces & exports Synthetic & Cotton Yarns. We support a wide variety of collections on a regional basis.
Raghav Industries Limited is well known and recognized by our customers in India and abroad for our best quality and competitiveness.

This is a unit with diversified product mix; having major thrust on 100% polyester, poly/ viscose, poly / cotton and 100% cotton yarn. We have total 8 spinning mills mostly in the southern part of india (around coimbatore). Collectively we have around 150,000 spindles.

All the group companies have very good machinery set up. Modernisation and expansion is a continuous process here. We have all the latest machinery needed to produce good quality yarn.

Through inheriting trust, establishing bonds and fostering relationships, we envision a bright tomorrow where we stand as a globally acclaimed company, synonymous with quality and commitment.

We forecast a prosperous era where our clientele list is pillared by eminent quality and services.

Constantly growing big, we foresee our future, reflected with poignant quality standards, and to establish a concrete stance in the global polyester and cotton yarn industry.

  • Raghav Industries Limited
  • Srinidhi Synthetics Limited
  • S.L.K. Synthetics Limited
At Raghav, innovation and entrepreneurship define our identity as the world's leading export company. That's why we hire smart, ambitious...
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